ANU Students Critically Evaluate Popular Books on Human Evolution

20161011_122152.jpgWhy do men and women look for different things in a significant other? What can the behaviour of other animals tell us about human behaviour? Are popular books on the topic oversimplified? Or can we learn something of value from them?

The students in my course at The Australian National University explored these issues and others, while sharing their critical evaluations of popular literature on human evolution this week in a Poster Faire.

They produced the posters as a requirement for the course ‘Sexual Selection and Human Evolution’ (BIAN 2132/6132).

And they had great fun doing it! The course’s 56 enroled students were split into 3 groups. Each group presented for 1 hour, and then each student came to serve as the audience for one of the other hours. And, the students enjoyed it:

“The poster faire really served as an interactive platform where students were able to give their perspectives on some very interesting topics and was a fun way to dive deeper into the course material. I definitely gained new insights and really have been persuaded to read some of the books that were presented. ” – Inez Derkx

Click here to see the Poster Faire Gallery — high-resolution images of posters, and some additional photos of the Poster Faire and the participants.

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