2016 Poster Faire

darwin-apeThe students in my 2016 Semester 2 course at The Australian National University participated in a Poster Faire this week, where they presented critical evaluations of a wide range of popular books on human evolution. This is a requirements for my course ‘Sexual Selection and Human Evolution’ (BIAN 2132/6132).

The Posters

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The Faire and its Participants

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Student Feedback

All in all it was a great experience. Here is some feedback from the participants:

  • “The poster faire really served as an interactive platform where students were able to give their perspectives on some very interesting topics and was a fun way to dive deeper into the course material. I definitely gained new insights and really have been persuaded to read some of the books that were presented. ” – Inez Derkx
  • “The poster faire was a unique opportunity that allowed us to each study a book in great detail and present our findings to our classmates. The chance to showcase our own research and explain it to each other meant that we could both further our own understanding through teaching, and learn about other topics from other people.” – Sai Lyons
  • “The posters were a great way to express our learning creatively and cultivate our interest in anthropological literature. I would definitely like to do something similar again.” – Oliver Tye
  • “It was a pretty fun time, maybe the most unforgettable tutorial of this semester. The poster faire is like a expo of popular science books, I could learn the most valuable part of every book in a very short time. Even, some posters are quite impressive and the presentation had touched me, which made me really want to read those books during the coming summer!” – Changyue Zhu
  • “It was cool to see our classroom learning come alive! I also liked seeing the different interpretations presented by the other students about their books” – Anna Killingback