My publications are listed here in chronological order. Where possible, I have made the PDF version of the publication available for download.

Working Papers

Kushnick G, and others (n.d.) Why is impal marriage so rare in Karo society? A case-control study.

Moya C, Fessler DMT, Henrich J, Zhao W, Barrett C, Bolyanatz A, Davis H, Gurven M, Kanovsky M., Kushnick G, Pisor A, Scelza B, von Rueden C, Laurence S (n.d.) Norm enforcement in small-scale societies depends on coordinated third-party responses and pre-existing relationships.

Submitted Papers

Kushnick G (submitted) Evolutionary perspectives on human pairbonding: Reconciling the major paradigms.  Blog  Preprint


Haynie H, Kushnick G, Kavanaugh P, Ember C, Bowern C, Low B, Tuff T, Vilela B, Kirby K, Botero C, Gavin M (in press) The biogeography and evolution of land ownership. Journal of Biogeography.  Preprint


Kushnick G, Behie A, Zuska F (2022) Pregnancy outcomes among evacuees of the Sinabung volcano, 2010-2018 (North Sumatra, Indonesia): a matched cohort study. American Journal of Human Biology, 34, e23628.  Link  PDF  Blog  Data


Kushnick G (2021) The cradle of humankind: Evolutionary approaches to technology and parenting. In: Weekes-Shackelford VA, Shackelford TK (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Parenting (pp. 115-134). Oxford University Press.  Preprint  Blog  Link

Haynie H, Kavanaugh P, Jordan F, Ember C, Gray R, Greenhill S, Kirby K, Kushnick G, Low B, Tuff T, Vilela B, Botero C, Gavin M (2021) Pathways to social inequality. Human Evolutionary Sciences, 3, e35.   Preprint  Link  PDF

Bode A, Kushnick G (2021) Proximate and ultimate perspectives on romantic love. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 573123.  Link  PDF


Halcrow S, Warren R, Kushnick G, Nowell A (2020) Care of infants in the past: Bridging evolutionary anthropological and bioarchaeological approaches. Evolutionary Human Sciences, 2, e47. Link  PDF

Kavanagh PH, Haynie HJ, Kushnick G, Vilela B, Tuff T, Bowern C, Low B, Ember CR, Kirby KR, Botero C, Gavin MC (2020) Drivers of global variation in land ownership. Ecography, 43: 1-8.  PDF  Link  Preprint  Data

Curtin C, Barrett HC, Bolyanatz A, Crittenden A, Fessler DMT, Fitzpatrick S, Gurven M, Kanovsky M, Kushnick G, Laurence S, Pisor A, Scelza B, Stich S, von Rueden C, Henrich J (2020) Kinship intensity and the use of mental states in moral judgments across societies. Human Behavior and Evolution, 41(5), 415-429.  PDF  Link  Preprint  Data

Deppe A, Kushnick G (2020) Olfactory predator recognition in the brown mouse lemur (Microcebus rufus) in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. American Journal of Primatology, 82(10), e23184.  PDF  Link


Kushnick G (2019) Gaps in Darwin’s initial theory. In Shackelford T, Weekes-Shackelford V  (eds.), Encyclopedia of evolutionary psychological science. NY: Springer.  Link

Scelza BA, Prall S, Blumenfeld T, Crittenden A, Gurven M, Kline M, Koster J, Kushnick G, Mattison SM, Pillsworth E, Shenk M, Starkweather K, Stieglitz J, Sum, C-Y, Yamaguchi K, McElreath R (2019) Patterns of paternal investment explain cross-cultural variance in jealous response. Nature Human Behaviour, 4: 20-26.  PDF  Link  Data


Gavin MC, Kavanagh PH, Haynie HJ, Bowern C, Ember CR, Gray RD, Jordan FM, Kirby KR, Kushnick G, Low BS, Vilela B, Botero C (2018) The global geography of human subsistence. Royal Society Open Science, 5, 171897.   PDF  Link  Data

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Kushnick G, Fessler DMT, Zuska F (2016) Disgust, gender, and social change: Testing alternative explanations for the decline of cousin marriage in Karo society. Human Nature, 27(4), 533-555. (Special Issue: “Modernizing Evolutionary Anthropology” Sear & Mattison, eds)  PDF   Link  Blog  Data

Atkinson QD, Coomber T, Passmore S, Greenhill S, Kushnick G (2016) Cultural and environmental predictors of pre-European deforestation on Pacific islands. PLoS ONE, 11(5), e0156340.   PDF  Link  Blog

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Fessler DMT, Holbrook C, Kanovsky M, Barrett HC, Bolyanatz AH, Gervais MM, Gurven M, Henrich J, Kushnick G, Pisor AC, Stich S, von Rueden C, Laurence S (2016) Moral parochialism misunderstood: A reply to Piazza and Souza. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 283, 20152628. PDF  Blog


Fessler DMT, Barrett HC, Kanovsky M, Stich S, Holbrook C, Henrich J, Bolyanatz AH, Gervais M, Gurven M, Kushnick G, Pisor AC, von Rueden C, Laurence S (2015). Moral parochialism and contextual contingency across seven disparate societies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 282, 20150907. PDF  Link  Data

kushnick_et_al_2015_rsos_graphical_abstractKushnick G, Hanowell B, Kim J, Lanstieh B, Magnano V, Oláh K (2015). Experimental evidence for convergent evolution of maternal-care heuristics in industrialized and small-scale societies. Royal Society Open Science, 2, 140518. PDF  Link  Data  Blog


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