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A Wiki Site with (Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know about the Evolution of Human Reproductive Strategies, written by ANU students

Students enrolled in my course BIAN 2133/6133 (Human Reproductive Strategies) in Semester 2 of 2019 at The Australian National University wrote short topical articles about the evolution of human reproductive strategies and published them on a class Wiki site.

I’m very proud of them for doing this project. I hope you find the fruits of their labour useful and interesting!

Here’s a list of articles about the evolution of human mating:

Here’s a list of articles about the evolution of human parenting:

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Moving on from and Researchgate


If you’re looking for my profile on ResearchGate or, you won’t find it. That’s because I’ve deleted my accounts.

There are two reasons for my decision.

First, these sites are for-profit. They capitalize on the labor of academics. I find this especially abhorrent given that one of them hides behind a .edu web address. With what university are they affiliated? I believe that all scientific work should be freely available. I make my work available on my own website, where possible. I’d like to publish solely in open-access journals, but that can be expensive, especially when one has no grant to cover publishing charges. Whatever is the case, I don’t want to continue supporting websites that make money off my work without giving something back.

Others have made a better case for why this is a good reason to cancel your accounts, so I will let you read what they’ve said instead of trying to paraphrase. See, for example, “The Day I Removed my Publications from Academia & Research Gate“.

Second, I find it burdensome to keep my profiles updated. And, see my first reason for canceling: I don’t want these companies to profit off my work without sharing that profit with me.

Farewell. Adieu. Selamat tinggal.

* * * * *

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