This is a 100% open access project.

The Parental Investment Vignette Project (PIVP) is a collaborative cross-cultural research project aimed at exploring the maternal investment decision-making process in humans from an evolutionary perspective.

The project used factorial vignette experiments which allow us to estimate the effects of multiple factors and their interactions on the decision-making process without confounding, and provides a means for standardizing the research instruments for use in diverse field contexts.

The project was conceived at a workshop for the Arts & Humanities Research Council’s (UK) Culture and the Mind Project.

map 9

Map of PIVP field sites (from Kushnick et al 2015)


Dr Geoff Kushnick (Primary Investigator)
Australian National University

Dr Jun-Hong Kim
Seoul National University, South Korea

Dr Banrida Langstieh
North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong

Katalin Oláh
Eötvös Loránd University & Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest

Vittorio Magnano
Universidad Europea de Valencia

Ben Hanowell
Redfin Corporation, Seattle


Kushnick G, Chabot-Hanowell B, Kim J, Langstieh B, Magnano V, Oláh K (2015). Experimental evidence for convergent evolution of maternal care heuristics in industrialized and small-scale populations. Royal Society Open Science, 2, 140518. link

Kushnick G (2013). Access to resources shapes maternal decision making: Evidence from a factorial vignette experiment. PLoS ONE, 8, e75539. link


Kushnick G, Chabot-Hanowell B, Kim J, Langstieh B, Magnano V, Oláh K (2014). PIVP – data and codebook. figshare, 1172115. link


Kushnick G, Chabot-Hanowell B, Kim J, Magnano V, Oláh K (2013). Using third-party judgments to study maternal decision-making. Paper presented at the Northwest Evolution, Ecology, and Human Behavior Symposium, Boise, ID.

Media Coverage

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