PhD Students

Coming soon.

Masters Students

Ben Gleeson

ben gleesonBen is pursuing a Masters in Biological Anthropology at ANU. His project looks at the degree to which women have power in a society, and how that leads to different outcomes on male somatic and behavioural phenotypes.

Honours Students

Madelaine Laura Winkler

“Pathogen Pressure and Consanguineous Marriage: The Case of Impal Marriage among the Karo Batak from North Sumatra” (Completed 2015 S2.)


Tara-Lyn Camilleri

tara-lyn camilleriTara has taken a number of my classes, and worked on a guided research project with me in 2015 S2. We recently posted the results of our research on PeerJ Preprints, and intend to submit for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. I will be posting a blog post about our project soon.